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Month: September 2019

Is the Art of Shredding Gone Forever?

Richard Walters September 24, 2019

Being a trainee accountant in previous eras was somewhat different to today’s trainees. I spent the first 3 months of my training contract in the 1970s, clearing out the office cellar and once I had proven to be proficient at ‘clearance’, I was entrusted with ‘destruction.’ This meant once the cellar was emptied, the task […]

The 10 Big Advisory Questions: 7 – This Feels Like A Big Change, Is It?

Richard Walters September 10, 2019

Welcome to the seventh edition of this video series where we talk you through The 10 Big Advisory Questions. Join Micheal as he answers Question 7 – This Feels Like A Big Change, Is It? The below is a transcript of Question 7 of the 10 Big Advisory Questions Video Series – This Feels Like A […]