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Month: October 2019

You Must Have an Articulated Advisory Process

Richard Walters October 29, 2019

The annual facilitated strategic review is key to providing truly client centric structured advisory services. When we get right down to grass roots, there are essentially five types of advisory services that match my recommended advisory process and these can be explained as: Facilitated Discovery – short meetings of under one hour, that are structured […]

Understanding Peoples’ Attitudes to Initiatives

Richard Walters October 22, 2019

When rolling out any new initiative in your firm, not just advisory services, I’m sure you have previously encountered highly frustrating and confusing attitudes by others in the firm. It really helps to understand the dynamics that are often occurring and why people respond as they often do. For simplicity, I put people in all […]

The Power of Success

Richard Walters October 15, 2019

Conventional wisdom tends to suggest that success is the same for all people; surely its just wealth, status and power? It’s this conventional wisdom that leads the bulk of society to assume the Celebrity Lifestyle is what success is all about, but as accountants we know this is incorrect, don’t we? Everyone, including clients has […]

A Recommend Strategic Process

Richard Walters October 8, 2019

I’m a great believer in the stepping stones concept, because if you want to cross a fast flowing stream and don’t want to get wet, you need stepping stones to help you across. The key stone, is the one nearest the bank, your next step and this needs to be close enough to the bank, […]

The Power of Most Important Things

Richard Walters October 1, 2019

In today’s highly competitive and demanding world, as advisors, it’s not enough anymore to just deliver value, we have to be indispensable, which is a big call. This means connecting with the client’s reasons for being in business and what I call their MOST IMPORTANT THINGS. You might have heard these referred to as mission […]