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Month: January 2020

Some Things Matter More Than Strategy and Business

Richard Walters January 28, 2020

A few years ago I was running the last day in a three-day strategic retreat with a professional practice client, who at the time had 11 partners. Because of the number partners, I ran my break-down version of The Strategic Planning Toolkit and held one hour objectives meetings on a one-to-one basis with each partner […]

Modern Advisory Skills

Richard Walters January 21, 2020

The accounting world is changing and whereas we used to get away with being trustworthy, technically competent, accurate and timely, it’s just not enough anymore. Clients want us to be: Proactive Understand them, their goals and their business Be in for the long haul Not only that, but we now need to be seen as […]

A Sound Delegation Process

Richard Walters January 14, 2020

Why is delegation so important? Patently, just because we are capable and skilled, we literally cannot do everything ourselves and it’s all too easy to inadvertently become the blockage in the pipe of effective results. Partners do tend to be control freaks and therefore the natural tendency is to micromanage and of course, micromanagement is […]

R and R or Not?

Richard Walters January 7, 2020

When I was a trainee accountant back in the 1970s things were much more about the command structure and in the practice I worked in, partners ruled and senior partners basically did what they wanted. It’s so much better today, well let’s hope so! After an initial spell clearing out the cellar, that progressed onto […]