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How Do I Get to Birmingham?

Richard Walters July 9, 2019

Why would a blog on facilitation start with a question on travel? It’s simple, because facilitation works and the reasons are quite straightforward and can be explained in this travel metaphor, that involves getting to Birmingham! In my business role, I travel reasonably frequently between the UK and USA and although each country does many […]

The Benefits of Being a Most Trusted Advisor

Richard Walters July 2, 2019

Being the clients’ Most Trusted Advisor is a long way from just telling clients what to do, even if we have wide-ranging financial acumen. Being an expert and highlighting options to clients, will always have a key place in advisory services and of course, it’s called and is familiar as consulting. There are real benefits […]

Towards or Away-from?

Richard Walters June 25, 2019

Motivation to change by new actions can also be summarised in the form of two types of progress; ‘Towards-progress’ and ‘Away-from progress.’ ‘Away-from progress’ tends to be the initial motivation to change, but can also be short-lived. ‘Towards progress’ tends to be longer-term and can be seen as life-changing. These can best be explained with […]

Planning for Positive Change

Richard Walters June 17, 2019

Why do human beings do what we do, or just as importantly, why don’t we make changes when logically and realistically we need to act differently for our own sake? It’s a strange behaviour when you stand back and observe it. Change is important because it is a natural force in the Universe and most […]

Where Was My 360° Appraisal?

Richard Walters June 11, 2019

We now live in a business world of appraisals and 360° ones at that! One could argue this is genuine progress, where we talk to our people and listen to their needs and inspire them to greater success. How could this not be progress? But it hasn’t always been this way in the profession. When […]

The Power of Talking

Richard Walters May 14, 2019

Do you sometimes have clients where the owners or directors seem to constantly be bickering and arguing over apparently minor matters? I certainly did and one such manufacturing client had a managing director, a sales director and a finance director. A well-balanced team you would say, plus hard working, dedicated and passionate. So what was […]