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Who Would Want to Be Famous?

Richard Walters March 3, 2020

I’m sure many accountants reading this have a number of clients who might be described as rich or very wealthy. As accountants, we tend to not to be swayed or affected by large sums of money – it’s just figures, after all! Therefore, it’s generally true we are well balanced when it comes to wealth […]

Client Wealth Strategies

Richard Walters February 25, 2020

When wealth planning with clients, you won’t be surprised to read me suggest that you ask the client, “What is the most important thing to you about building your personal wealth?” This is of course what drives them and as with the business, most important things are pure, powerful and individual. In essence there are […]

Trading Effectively

Richard Walters February 18, 2020

Part of our role as strategic advisor is to challenge what’s possible with questions on key areas of Gross Profit performance: Production Efficiency – how could the business possibly improve production efficiency, for instance by investment in plant, by recruitment, changes in work processes and in fact any effective ways? Buying – how could the […]

Promotion Comes with Responsibilities

Richard Walters February 11, 2020

When I was younger and in my training period, I simply couldn’t get enough responsibility – I was hungry for it! Despite the generally negative image of accounting, even back then, when technology was in its absolute infancy, I loved what I did. Yes, the job had a tendency to be somewhat repetitive, but I […]

A Fresh Look at Profitability

Richard Walters February 4, 2020

You don’t need to be an accountant to realise that profitability is key to business success, but it’s worth re-iterating specifically why this is the case. Profits deliver cash in a sustainable way (which is the only way), profits create investment opportunities for growth, profits create capital value in a business, profits provide lifestyle improvements […]

Some Things Matter More Than Strategy and Business

Richard Walters January 28, 2020

A few years ago I was running the last day in a three-day strategic retreat with a professional practice client, who at the time had 11 partners. Because of the number partners, I ran my break-down version of The Strategic Planning Toolkit and held one hour objectives meetings on a one-to-one basis with each partner […]