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How Do I Get to Birmingham?

Why would a blog on facilitation start with a question on travel?

It’s simple, because facilitation works and the reasons are quite straightforward and can be explained in this travel metaphor, that involves getting to Birmingham!

In my business role, I travel reasonably frequently between the UK and USA and although each country does many things very similarly, there are also some big differences!

Trousers/pants, sidewalks/pavements, turnover/sales revenues and vacation/holiday – these are all subtle differences.

As an Englishman, if I get off the airplane at New York JFK and ask a local, “How do I get to Birmingham?” they might answer, “You need an American Airlines flight, but will need to change over in Charlotte NC.” The trouble is that I wanted to get to Birmingham, Warwickshire, England!

The message here is that you need to ask the right people the right question, in other words the right person was a British person and the right question was, “How do I get to Birmingham, Warwickshire, England?”

You can sometimes get away with the wrong question to the right person, but you can never get away with the right question to the wrong person.

The only way to be sure, is the right question to the right person.

When it comes to strategic advisory services and facilitation, the right people are the owners themselves and the right questions are your carefully crafted questions as facilitator.

Our clients know the answers to the questions, we just need to ask them in the best way, in the right order and in a manner that’s easy to answer (and ask). Simple really!

That’s the magic of facilitation; people who are interested are seen as interesting and if that wasn’t enough to attract you, facilitation comes with very low or no risk, so it’s a low risk/high reward role

A facilitation role is a genuine no brainer, isn’t it? That’s a good question!

Quote of the Week

“You can achieve more effective results when solutions are created, understood, and accepted by the people impacted”

― Michael Wilkinson

Book of the Week

The Secrets of Facilitation: The SMART Guide to Getting Results with Groups

– Michael Wilkinson

The revised edition of this facilitation classic offers a wealth of targeted techniques for facilitators who seek effective, consistent, and repeatable results. Based on Michael Wilkinson’s proven SMART (Structured Meeting And Relating Techniques) approach, The Secrets of Facilitation can help to achieve stellar results when managing, presenting, teaching, planning, and selling, as well as other professional and personal situations.