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Leveraging Your Role

Leverage became a buzz word some time ago and just like empowerment and increasingly engagement, like most clichés or buzz words, its true meaning has real value but what is leverage and why did it become the Holy Grail for so many businesses?

In very simple terms, leverage is based upon the physics laws identified by Renaissance scientists, whereby a fulcrum is used to multiply the input force and is amplified in the output force.

The business principle of replicating this multiplication across the business, results in significant positive performance impacts. In purely business terms, leverage means:

  • Not re-inventing the wheel each time someone (including you) does something
  • Replicating proven processes
  • Ensuring quality input by using best practice processes, approaches and techniques
  • Gaining optimum returns on time and cost input

There are no short cuts to rolling-out advisory services but of course, there are a number of practical options open to you to leverage your own time, although most involve other people:

Drop some roles you currently perform and delegate to others – with appropriate balanced authority and responsibility.

Drop some roles altogether that you currently perform – especially administration roles.

Recruit new people – especially non-accountants (see later on advisory facilitation).

Simply re-prioritise your focus – in itself, this can be powerful.

The classic Double-Bind is one where you feel that if you do one thing, then it seems that the result of this action is that it directly and adversely affects another, in other words, you are doomed if you do and doomed if you don’t.

The Double Bind metaphor involves your two hands tightly bound together and the harder you pull to the left, or to the right, the tighter the fingers stay stuck!

This is the classic metaphoric Double Bind and these are very uncomfortable places to be for we humans.

The ONLY way out of a Double Bind is to go towards the clenched hands, by moving your body forward and then as a result loosening the stuck fingers.

Leveraging your role is moving towards getting the fingers unstuck!