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Modern Advisory Skills

The accounting world is changing and whereas we used to get away with being trustworthy, technically competent, accurate and timely, it’s just not enough anymore. Clients want us to be:

  • Proactive
  • Understand them, their goals and their business
  • Be in for the long haul

Not only that, but we now need to be seen as indispensable to their future success and that’s a big deal, isn’t it?

In summary, as strategic most trusted advisers, we need to not just reliably useful and as a result we require new or refined skills to demonstrate to clients that we are delivering what they want.

These new or refined skills or in fact approaches include:

  • To be a good questioner and attentive listener (facilitator)
  • To be proactive and probing (facilitator)
  • To always come from a strategic perspective (strategic business adviser)
  • To be supportive and very much part of the success process (coach)
  • To be accessible and resourceful for their varied business needs when problems are identified (technical consultant)

Ultimately, we have to remind ourselves that it’s the clients who implement and make things happen, so they must buy-into and feel part of any proposed changes.

This is why a collaborative and facilitative approach works so well, because if the clients can’t see what’s possible and believe in it, it’s unlikely there will be action and positive change.

All the research shows that people who have articulated goals and recorded plans, are much more likely to achieve these goals. It’s our job to be part of this process, plus of course, enjoy all the benefits!