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The Power of Most Important Things

In today’s highly competitive and demanding world, as advisors, it’s not enough anymore to just deliver value, we have to be indispensable, which is a big call.

This means connecting with the client’s reasons for being in business and what I call their MOST IMPORTANT THINGS.

You might have heard these referred to as mission or purpose statements, but I have always felt this to be too corporate for entrepreneurs.

If you ask a client, “What are the most important things to you about being in business?” their answer will be typically one or two short sentences long and be simple, individual and highly emotive.

Strangely, clients tend to assume everyone else’s most important things are the same as theirs’, as they feel them so strongly, they believe it’s how it is for everyone, but of course, it isn’t as they are unique and individual.

Simply asking and getting a client to articulate their most important things, is a powerful exercise and strongly demonstrates your understanding of what drives them.

Being seen by a client as indispensable has at its core, the client’s perception that you understand their most important things and you are key to helping them achieve them and stay on track.

Success is a perception that varies with individuals, but again, because of the strength of their beliefs, clients believe everyone has the same definition of success and of course, we don’t!

For control freak entrepreneurs, feeling successful is a big deal and if we can help them feel more in control and thus more successful, then we are well on the way to them seeing us as indispensable.

Ultimately, it’s about the client valuing your role in their future success (by their definition) and not JUST about problem solving!

I have touched on most important things that drive on entrepreneurs and these tend to rarely change, but they do gradually but slowly refine as a business matures and an individual’s life evolves and develops.

Of course, life changing traumas can change these most important things in an instant, but such is life.

Of course, being seen as indispensable is a process and in parallel, my core belief is that success is a process, not a one-off event.

That’s not to say actions don’t count, because they do, just that they need to be within a plan to achieve a person’s most important things.

If you know and record a client’s most important things, you are on the road to indispensable!