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The Power of Success

Conventional wisdom tends to suggest that success is the same for all people; surely its just wealth, status and power?

It’s this conventional wisdom that leads the bulk of society to assume the Celebrity Lifestyle is what success is all about, but as accountants we know this is incorrect, don’t we?

Everyone, including clients has a very unique and special definition of success. Strangely, people assume everyone’s definition is the same as theirs and they are not.

In the Strategic Planning Toolkit, we ask clients what is their own special definition of success and record it. Imagine co-owners hearing these special definitions and drivers of their partners.

We also ask clients how successful they feel now and what they would want to feel and there is always a gap. A gap means action needed and so the process of positive change begins!

One of my clients from a planning session was a successful entrepreneur (well I thought he was) and in his meeting, he told me that success for him only happened when he was the owner of a high performance sport car.

He told me the make and colour, which I only withhold here due to confidentiality and privacy. I recorded all this, as I needed to and we both got on with our businesses.

Obviously, I continued to advise and act for the client and we never spoke again about this particular nuance.

Some two years later I received a call from the client asking me if I was free next Tuesday, as his new widely expensive sports car was arriving and he wanted me to be one of the first to have a ride.

It was the exact make and colour he had predicted and it was a BIG deal for this already successful entrepreneur.

I have to say the ride was somewhat scary and I’m not really a fan of speed, so doing a full 360° turn at 60 miles an hour around a roundabout is not my idea of fun, but it was kind of him to think of me and my part in his success process.

I never forgot the power of the definition of success to people and especially entrepreneurs.

Mine’s a Sunseeker 4 berth cruiser though!