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What Makes You Busy?

When planning one’s time and more effective (not efficient) use of it, it’s important to first plan.

It’s worth reviewing where you spend your own time now, as in any plan, it’s all about:

Where you are now.

Where you want to go.

How to get there.

In terms of your own time, where you are now and potentially focusing on advisory services work, you probably have a number of current roles that can be summarised as:

  1. Chargeable compliance work for clients; tax, audit and accounting.
  2. Chargeable advisory work for clients; probably at premium rates per hour.
  3. Strategic non-chargeable; leadership of your firm.
  4. Business development input; non-chargeable, but key to growth.
  5. Management of your firm and this doesn’t include administration.
  6. Administration of your firm and non-chargeable.
  7. Continuing Professional Education; as required.

Clearly, to take advantage of the best leverage opportunities and to build new service line revenues in a better and future proofed Business Model, B, C and D are key and need attention and prioritising now.

As with when we advise clients, it’s simply a matter of priorities, as INTENTION equals ATTENTION!