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Who Would Want to Be Famous?

I’m sure many accountants reading this have a number of clients who might be described as rich or very wealthy.

As accountants, we tend to not to be swayed or affected by large sums of money – it’s just figures, after all!

Therefore, it’s generally true we are well balanced when it comes to wealth and don’t get our heads turned easily.

I’m sure, like me, during your career you sometimes acquired celebrities of varying degrees of fame and fortune, as it’s very much part of the game.

I had one particular celebrity client who of course shall be nameless, but was definitely by today’s modus operandi, an ‘A Lister.’

This client was a fantastic person who valued what we did and always worked with us in a friendly and professional way, just the type of client we all want!

Generally, I used to visit him at their family home, which also served as the offices until one day when we had a planning meeting actually in our offices.

We had a number of business neighbours in our grand Regency style offices and the closest physically to us, had shared the location with us for over 10 years.

The managing director and I never spoke, other than to say, “Good morning” or “Good night” and this worked fine like this for 10 years or more.

Therefore, the day after my planning session with my famous client, I was very surprised to be approached by our business neighbour who excitedly asked me, “Was that Mr X I saw in your offices yesterday?”

This was most out of keeping with this neighbour’s normal behaviours and on reflection I thought about what this must mean to celebrities on a day to day basis.

They never get away from this type of often unwarranted attention and people assume they know them, whereas in many ways they only know they onscreen persona or role.

It must be very frustrating, although some people seek out this fame as an end in itself, in other words, Reality TV contestants.

From my dealings with famous people, I would have to say, “No thanks, I don’t want to be famous”, but on reflection, maybe a chance would be a fine thing!